For the last 5 months, thousands of people have lost their jobs due to the actual worldwide economical crisis and it is not their fault, but it is them who have to suffer the consequences of such a terrible phenomenon. I know how they all feel like, because I had been unemployed for 3 months, too. I used to be a programmer for a company, but 4 months ago, 200 people, together with me, got fired.

The actual unemployment situation in USA is not looking good at all, but I am not going to show statistics regarding this rate, because the Internet is stuffed with such information and it can easily be accessed by each one of you. The purpose of this article is to help people who are still unemployed, by sharing some of my experience which I gained, while trying to get hired again.

As you can see, many companies do not hire people anymore, because they can afford to pay their employees no more. But do not make this a general point of view. I myself used to have the same thinking when I got fired. I said to myself that I am never going to find a job again, unless the crisis ends. I was wrong. The best solution for anyone looking for a job is the Internet. I know what you all must be thinking right now: “this one is trying to trick us with the well know online job finding scams”. But I am not, so please hear me up to the end. It is true that most of job finding websites are scams, made only to bring some revenue. I had been the victim of 30 such websites. But I am a programmer, and using my knowledge and my experience after that, I tried to take a closer look. At first sight they seemed ok, but after that, I found some gaps inside their structure, and I am going to share with you all the things you have to look for, when checking a job finding website.

First of all, we need to make sure the site has a policy of its own. Look for the Privacy Policy information. Most of them have it. If you encounter a job finding website with no such thing, do not bother to check the rest anymore.

After that, take a closer look to its content. Most of them are designed as searching engines, where they have posted thousands of jobs. I am not saying that all of them are scams, but most of them are, because when you search for a job, let’s say Accounting Manager, job posting site you get as result, other thousands of job offers, and while trying to check them all, not only that you lose a lot of time, but at a moment you get lost yourself, or realize that in the end, you have reached a dead point( you have searched a job, clicked that job, submitted your resume, and when you submit you realize an error occurs, or nothing happens, so all your work was for nothing). Moreover, you might be asked to pay before you submit your resume, and I guess none of us wants to do this. So try to avoid those websites that look very big, with millions of job offers, as much as possible, because clearly something is wrong, and even if it is not, it would take them too much to process your request, and give you an answer. For the record, I say again I am not targeting all job finding websites, designed as searching engines, but I am trying to tell you to be careful. I myself got tricked by some of these websites, in the past and I do not want you to make the same mistakes.

Furthermore, I will tell you, from my experience, how to make sure you deal with a trustful job finder. I said to myself, no more big websites. Try to look for a job finding website, which presents the way the team operates your job request, and also presents the possible job offers. (Do not need to be thousands of offers. 100 is enough, but as you will see, serious websites are modest, and present only 6-7 effective job offers + others). Moreover, do not make the job search yourself. All you have to do is submit a brief resume, telling them what exactly are you looking for, and let them come up with the job offers. This is another clue. Try to focus on websites which provide such filling forms, where you tell them what you want, and they must come up with results.

Let us focus on the submission form now. The first step you have to do is to go to the required submission form, and without completing any field at all, try to push the submit button. If the website returns you to fill again the desired fields, by giving messages or changing the color of fields (to clearly state what field did you not complete well) then it is an authentic filling form. However, if such thing does not happen, and you get a message like “Your submission has been successfully sent!” even though, you have not completed a single field, then do not bother to check the website anymore, because clearly there is something wrong with it.

These are some few steps you need to take before wasting your time with such job finding opportunities. Now, I am going to tell you where did I get hired and how, and I will provide you at the end of the article, the website I used, just in case anyone is interested. I visited this Get Your Job Company’s official website, which provides job placement solutions for candidates. I submitted a brief resume (you will see that you have to fill a submission form), and they have offered me the opportunity of carrying on my work as a freelancer, so I have a home job, which is more than perfect. Moreover, they have provided me project offers. I have also credited them to win the project bids for me, by telling them what kind of projects am I looking for and they did. Right now I doing just fine as a freelancer and I am happy with my work.

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