Additionally, many of the Applicant Tracking Systems have built into the job posting page, a feature that allows for sharing the job with social media sources such as face book, MySpace, LinkedIn, twitter etc. I recommend as recruiters to cascade your searches to members of your network, and also to have your hiring managers do the same to maximize exposure.

Now that we have just reviewed where jobs should be posted, we can now examine how the job posting should look optically in order to maximize the ability to attract the best candidates possible. Remember your job posting site for attention with several other similar postings targeting the same talent pool. In essence, you have one opportunity to differentiate yourself. Use this opportunity wisely and you will be rewarded handsomely.

Every job posting should have as its opening, a robust paragraph which describes the organization’s positive attractive features. If they happen to be the number one manufacturer of semiconductors, mention it, if they are awarded and own the most patents in a particular technology ditto. All these points are selling the position to candidates in a way a typical bland job posting would never be able to.

Job descriptions should spell out in explicit detail the expectations and deliverables associated with that job as well as the impact on the business unit it will support. It should be action oriented and showcase the tasks and desired outcomes in a way that makes it seem awesome for candidates considering making a career change. If the company is a growth phase or moving into new market opportunities, definitely emphasize all of these. The more the responsibilities appear as learning and growth opportunity, the better your responses will be from candidates who will to leave a competitor for your organization.

For the qualification section, be very explicit on the desired degree and number of years experience. Also highlight the areas of core competency required i.e. leading cross-functional teams or consensus building. These competencies are selling points as well.

Finally, make it easy for candidates to apply to the posting. Provide a hyperlink that drives the traffic directly to the landing page where they can access the portal to upload cover letters and resumes accordingly.

It can be said that a poorly written job posting discourages candidates from applying just as much as a well written posting can greatly increase the number of candidates to apply, and in some cases, even entice a candidate to apply who ordinarily would not simply because something in the job posting resonated with them in some special way.

Having said that, making applying to your jobs a painless process as well differentiating it from all the other postings, will greatly improve the caliber of your candidates.

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