There are various ways to stop hair loss and you’ll find that a lot of products such as shampoo exist for this purpose. The only thing about using certain hair cleansers is that they all aren’t helpful for your hair. This is especially true if you’re losing hair.

So maybe you’ve had your eye on a certain hair loss shampoo or you could be thinking about one you would like to use. Well before you do that know that there are a few things you need to be aware of.

Most commercial on the market contains a lot of chemicals. One chemical additive that’s very dangerous to your hair even though it’s not intended to harm is sodium laureth sulphate.

It’s a degreasing agent and works to get rid of dirt and oil when you shampoo your hair. The downside to this ingredient is that it strips your hair over time and can leave behind residue that clogs your follicles.

So make sure you’re staying clear of any haircare product, even shampoo, that contain it. If you happen to stumble onto some herbal hair loss shampoo, make sure that they contain proteins and pro-vitamins.

Nisim herbal shampoo is one that’s really quite popular in the hair loss world. It contains three amino acids that work together to give your hair a thicker, fuller look. These amino acids also combine to form a protein that keeps your hair strong.

Be sure to keep in mind that herbal shampoos containing saw palmetto, sage, green tea, tea tree oil, and even rosemary oils are going to be your best bets. All of these ingredients are wonderful for your hair and really fight alopecia safely.

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