Advertising job vacancies is the only visible sign that companies intend to get additional staffers; that these statistics give out as a clear indication of the labor market status.

The concern with these data is that it is derived from a variety of interest:

• These data are the correlative of unemployment statistics. These two data sets that gives emphasis on the industry, location, and occupation, complements each other in bringing about the understanding of the economic state of a region and the changes that takes place.

• These data that meets the statistical consistency and accuracy is a considerable interest to be taken on debates with analysts over the rate of recent unemployment as those with deficiency in demand and those with insistence of changing the economic factors.

• These data gives out significant portion of the economic variation as the economy changes quite often. The particular concentration is on those “turning points”. These can also be used for studying the interconnection between labor and product markets.

• The operating reason for these data is the effective allotment of the particular labor force by referring to the stellenangebote vacancy they can fill; additionally, it helps in the potent administration of unemployment status and compensation as well as assisting in the development of more training programs needed for other employment opportunities.

As the number of studies with regards to job vacancies increases through the years, it only shows that many inconsistencies arise because of the spread of decision makers on employment, and the absence of proper coordination, comprehensive and factual data within companies. These are serious matters to be considered in data gathering.

Measuring the latest demand for manpower, projected capital gain or loss, equipment and plant budget has commonly take part of the life of the company. Until job vacancies become an integral part of the top management planning and decision-making process, there is the continuing doubt as to what these numbers mean.

If job vacancy is translated to refer to an exterior market, it is clear that rules that refer to the internal market have become null, thus it may have an enormous importance to the very meaning and interpretation of these data.

Any analysis of job vacancies should consider that self-employment is also a source of an employment opportunity that is mainly excluded in the data. The dream to become one’s own boss has become very significant among the members of the labor working group. And it is, until now with many executive professionals. It is the same with those in the agricultural, trade, and industrial sectors.

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